Outdoor Readable Display

Original Yuma

The Yuma 2 features a new dual technology display created specifically for easy and outstanding sunlight readability. No matter how bright or direct the glare, the Yuma 2 provides a clear, easy-to-read workspace. The full-color, 7” screen resides under a Gorilla® Glass panel that is just as tough as the rest of the tablet.

"One of the areas where the Yuma 2 is truly different from most of its competition, and in fact from most mobile computing devices of any kind, is its display.”

– Conrad Blickensdorfer, RuggedPCReview.com

Key Features:

  • Outdoor rugged design certified to MIL-STD-810G and IP68
  • Outdoor rugged design MIL-STD-810G and IP67
  • Windows 7 Professional software (Read more about Windows 7 on Yuma)
  • Intel Atom 1.6GHz processor
  • 1GB DRAM
  • 32GB or 80GB solid-state drive
  • Integrated wireless capabilities: GPS, Wi-Fi (802.11b/g), Bluetooth 2.0
  • 2 geotag-enabled cameras (video, photo)
  • Headphone, speaker, mini-jack stereo
  • Microphone, line-in mini-jack
  • ExpressCard/34 slot (fits 34 mm modules)
  • Secure Digital (SD/SDHC) memory slot
  • 7-inch sunlight-readable color touchscreen display
  • Lightweight (2.6 lb, including batteries)
  • 4-hour or 8-hour rechargeable lithium-ion battery set
  • 12-month manufacturer warranty
  • Optional 24-month to 48-month Extended Warranty