Vibration testing is performed to determine the resistance of equipment to vibration expected in its shipment and application environments. Vibration can cause:

  • Wire chafing
  • Loosening of fasteners
  • Intermittent electrical contacts
  • Touching and shorting of electrical parts
  • Seal deformation
  • Component fatigue
  • Display / Touch Panel misalignment
  • Cracking and rupturing
  • Excessive electrical noise

Trimble Kenai®, Yuma® 2, Nomad® 1050, Juno® T41 and Ranger™ 3 all passed the following tests:

  • Procedure I, General Minimum Integrity: Power Spectral Density = 0.04G²/Hz, 20 to 1000Hz, descending 6dB/oct to 2000Hz. Three axes are tested, one-hour per axis.
  • Procedure II, Vibration and Loose Cargo: a Logarithmic sweep 5 to 500Hz beginning at 0.20" displacement. Three axes are tested, 30 minutes per axis.