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    Manage Utilities Easier.
Food and Beverage Processing

Locate meters. Document your work.

Whether you're reading field meters or in-house equipment, testing transmission equipment or creating infrastructure inventories, utility workers need a high-tech, lightweight, mobile tool that can withstand challenging field environments.

Get the job done, stay connected

Quickly and easily pinpoint a location in rural or urban areas without paper maps. Communicate with central operations when power is knocked out. Collect and send data. In addition to Windows®, Trimble rugged handheld computers also come with serial ports and CompactFlash slots to support more memory and more devices.

Rugged from the inside out

Designed to withstand extreme temperatures, drops, and accidental immersion, Trimble handhelds are tools you can trust to get you through the worst.

Trimble’s innovative solutions for RFID will read tags that have been buried under as much as a foot of dirt. This increases safety and efficiency for all pipeline requirements. Learn more from this paper from SATO America.

flat mobile devices
food processing

RFID and barcode tracking in the Food Processing industry continues to increase to ensure accountability across the food supply chain.

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