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    Take Inventory With
    an Integrated 1D/2D
    Barcode Imager Designed
    for the Field.

Take inventory. Print receipts. Create and send reports.

Speed up workflow in the field with omni-directional, high speed barcode reading designed for high motion tolerance in the field. Scan no matter what the angle or orientation is of the barcode to the unit, fast and reliably.

Do it all from the road

If you have sales, service or repair people working in the field, they need a tool that's as mobile as they are. Run credit cards. Print receipts. Take inventory. Create and send spreadsheets.

Rugged from the inside out

Rugged enough to handle the rigors of travel, Trimble handhelds can endure extreme temperatures, drops and accidental immersion. Reliable and ready to go, Trimble mobile devices help them do more in less time.