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    TrimbleMCS Handhelds are
    Essential Safety Equipment
    for Outdoor Recreation.
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Plan your trip. Find your way. Log your travels.

Made for the true outdoor enthusiast who wants to stay connected, Trimble rugged handheld computers can go anywhere in the world. From spelunking to mountaineering, backpacking to white water, winery touring to a rain-soaked stadium game, Trimble handhelds are at home in any environment.

Extreme sports requires rugged capabilities

If you're investing in a hobby that requires extreme conditions (extreme skiing, scuba, etc) be sure to include rugged communications in your plans. Consider the Juno T41 smartphone option a necessary addition and a safety must.

Everything you want, nothing you don't

With Windows® software included, (or, in the case of the Juno T41, a 3.75G Android smartphone) you can run the applications you use most. Get real-time weather updates. Log your travels with text or audio. Shoot and send video and photos. Find your way out of the woods. Lightweight and adaptable, because that's what you want when you travel.

Trimble now offers new mobile apps and website for fishing and hunting enthusiasts – navigate to hunting areas in remote areas, keep catch reports, track wildlife, mark waypoints, view weather reports and more. And visit the new Trimble website just for you: GPSHuntFish.com

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