Trimble Ranger 7


The Next Generation in Mobile Computing

The Trimble® EMPOWER Ranger™ 7 is a 7-inch, fully-rugged field handheld computer for professional organizations that know they can’t afford to take shortcuts. The Ranger 7 combines the scalable flexibility of Trimble EMPOWER with a bold 7-inch handheld computer form factor and the industry-leading Windows 10 Pro OS, delivering a perfect combination of strength, smarts, and flexibility. This handheld is ideal for large scale field data capture in nearly any industry and application. Learn more about Trimble EMPOWER modules that enable even more functionality with the Ranger 7 handheld computer.

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Ranger 7 Configurations

Part # Model RAM/Storage GPS Bluetooth/WiFi Compass Accelerometer Camera (Front & Rear Facing) WWAN Regional Support
RGR7LY-111-00 L 8GB/64GB 2-4M   North American
RGR7LY-112-00 L 8GB/64GB 2-4M   International
RGR7XY-111-00 X 8GB/64GB 2-4M North American
RGR7XY-112-00 X 8GB/64GB 2-4M International


Technology is leaping ahead, and Trimble is right there ahead of the curve. The new Ranger 7  handheld has more features than ever before. In addition to hot swappable batteries, better Wifi connectivity, and optional add-on modules, the Ranger 7 comes standard with these features you’ve come to expect from Trimble.


Delivers data accuracy, reliability and sub-meter positioning

Asset Tracking

Rapid scanning, Omni-directional, high-accuracy 1D/2D imager and Ultra High Frequency (UHF) RFID Reader

Developer Program

Build your own solution without making an entire handheld


Features & Benefits

  • Physical Keyboard: Alphanumeric QWERTY keyboard, including 12 application programmable buttons to improve efficiency in your daily tasks.

    Designed for Big Jobs: 68-button keyboard for high fidelity data input along with a seven inch outdoor-readable touchscreen and side by side application display.

    Scale up with Trimble ® EMPOWER: Ranger 7 rugged handheld offers optional modules (Barcode, RFID and GNSS) PLUS a Developer program to enable quick prototyping of your own custom modules.



Powerful Connectivity: 4G LTE mobile data, 802.11 a/b/g/n and Bluetooth 4. Reliable high-speed wireless connectivity on the o, when and where you need it.

Windows 10 Pro: Compatibility with your existing workflows and IT infrastructure, and enterprise level security capabilities you can trust.

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