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Food and Beverage Processing

Rugged handhelds for the natural resources professional

No matter if you're in a Canadian forest or an urban landscape, tough equipment is a must in Natural Resource management.

Read maps. Collect and send data. Shoot photos.

Whether the job is above ground, underground, near water, in the desert or on ice, natural resource professionals need a versatile, high-tech tool that can endure the rigors of outdoor environments. Trimble rugged handheld computers are the answer.

Manage your outdoor office Read maps.

Update documents and spreadsheets. Collect and send data. Document your work. With Windows® software included, you can run the applications you use most. From mining to renewable energy resources to water sampling, your data is securely captured the first time, every time.

Rugged from the inside out

Equipped with long-life batteries and made to withstand extreme temperatures, drops, dust, and even accidental immersion, Trimble handhelds are at home no matter where your mine is located. More rugged. More connected. More opportunity.

Law Enforcement

Write citations. Document the scene. Do accident reconstruction.

When you're performing traffic patrol, parking enforcement or responding to an emergency, there's no time to waste. With Trimble rugged handheld computers, you can work faster and more effectively with paperless data, wireless printing and instant data uploads and downloads. Locate incidents faster and easier. Know your surroundings before you get there. Write citations. Document the scene. Do accident reconstruction.

flat mobile devices
flat mobile devices

Fire Safety and Rescue

Conduct inspections. Locate a fire. Know your surroundings.

From fire safety inspections to emergency response, Trimble rugged handheld computers are tools you can count on to get the job done. When there's an emergency, your Trimble mobile device can quickly and easily locate an incident in rural or urban area without paper maps. Know where hydrants, Knox Boxes, standpipes, useable reservoirs, roads, structures and other features are before you get there. Whether you're performing fire safety inspections, assessing defensible spaces, or preparing for disaster response, you want a fast and dependable tool. Take photos. Upload information. And know that your data is protected.

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