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    Mining Professionals
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Rugged handhelds for the global mining professional

Productive, reliable safe mine operations are dependent on the right equipment, and today's miner knows that includes rugged handheld computers that can go where the ore takes you.

"Everything is either grown or mined"

Mining is one of the oldest industries on earth but it's changing with the technology available today. Using handheld computers on site can bring efficiencies that mining companies from just a decade ago never dreamed of. Mine workers with TrimbleMCS rugged handhelds can document their work, collect and send detailed data including high resolution pictures, read and improve maps, update documents and spreadsheets – on the job, with no loss of time at the site.

Rugged from the inside out

Equipped with long-life batteries and made to withstand extreme temperatures, drops, dust, and even accidental immersion, Trimble handhelds are at home no matter where your mine is located. More rugged. More connected. More opportunity.

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"We selected the Trimble Nomad because it is as tough as old boots and one of the only IP68 rated devices on the market.

The device is versatile, fast, and has a compact flash slot – allowing a range of RFID reader heads to be fitted. The Nomad allows us to add a mobile dimension to many core security systems. The system is used in a range of industries such as Oil and Gas installations, and Mining as far afield as the Pacific and Middle East.

We’re very happy with the Trimble Nomad as it meets the challenging demands that our customers experience in such harsh environments”

- Smart Media Innovations Limited (SMI)

Mining Solutions

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