High Temperature

High temperatures may temporarily or permanently impair the performance of the test item by changing the physical properties or dimensions. Examples of other problems that may occur as the result of high-temperature exposure include:

  • Parts binding from differential expansion of dissimilar hardware
  • Hardware changing in dimension, either totally or selectively
  • Gaskets displaying permanent set
  • Closure and sealing strips deteriorating
  • Fixed-resistance resistors changing in values
  • Electronic circuit stability varying with differences in temperature gradients and differential expansion of dissimilar hardware
  • Transformers and electromechanical components overheating
  • Shortened operating lifetime
  • High pressures created within sealed cases
  • Discoloration, cracking or crazing of organic hardware

Trimble Juno® T41 passed the Hot Dry (A1) and Hot Humid (B3) conditions of seven 24-hour cycles at 65 °C (149 °F). Trimble Kenai®, Yuma® 2, Nomad® 1050 and Ranger™ 3 all passed the Extreme induced conditions standard of seven 24-hour cycles at 70 °C (158 °F).