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Food and Beverage Processing

Trimble handhelds solve a number of problems in the food and beverage processing industry. Because they are reliable, mobile computers that can withstand the environment of extreme heat and cold, as well as other consumable product requirements, they are ideal for the industry.

The U.S. food and beverage processing sector, as with other industrial and commercial sectors, faces increasingly stringent environmental rules.

Your equipment is crucial in meeting monitoring and reporting regulatory requirements as well as managing the day-to-day data that has to be continually maintained such as temperatures through the process, materials status, etc.

Save time and money by reducing your downtime and increasing your productivity. You can spend more time using your machines than programming them.

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Processing needs rugged equipment

The processing environment is tough on tools. The extreme temperatures, liquids, oils, cutting chips and drops that are all too common can destroy “consumer level” products quickly. TrimbleMCS handheld computers are built rugged from the inside out so that no matter what the conditions, they will continue to work and provide value for years. Rated IP 65 and above, fully sealed against extreme temperatures, drops, dust and even accidental immersion, Trimble handhelds are a dependable tool for any processing environment.

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flat mobile devices

Eliminate process line breakdowns by:

flat mobile devices


Increase labor efficiency by as much as:

flat mobile devices

Our customers agree: tough mobile computers from Trimble have

  • Improved worker efficiency and safety
  • Supplied accurate real-time data to meet Environmental Health & Safety audit requirements
  • Run quality assurance/quality control programs with confidence
  • Reduced costs with better inventory tracking
  • Monitored conditions as wide ranging as level, vibration, temperature, torque, and many others


Trimble adds business value:

  • Stop equipment downtime with on-the-floor control and programming
  • Receive real-time information through cloud-capable devices, streamlining manufacturing

Our Rugged Handhelds are Designed for More Than Just Rugged Outdoor Use

Trimble handhelds can take vigorous cleansing, and keep working in high humidity, through temperature extremes and shock, after drops to concrete or into soups . . . it’s what you need on the plant floor.

Help meet the Food Safety Modernization Act and other safety requirements with:

  • Data traceability
  • Inspection processes moved to computer entry right on the floor
  • Simplified and less expensive Auditing response

Remember, barcode or RFID tag reading can be integrated directly into the data entry with the Juno® T41 rugged handheld. Or if a tablet is a better fit for your business, the fully-rugged Yuma® 2 tablet comes with Microsoft® Windows 7 Professional to ensure compatibility with any office requirement.

flat mobile devices
flat mobile devices

RFID and barcode tracking in the Food Processing industry continues to increase to ensure accountability across the food supply chain. Learn more from this paper from SATO America.

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