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For efficiency and cost effectiveness, only rugged will do when it comes to computer hardware on the construction site. It's too easy for consumer-grade tablets or smartphones to be destroyed in the rough and tumble world of the average site. Rely on equipment that won't lose the blueprints when they're dropped, and that can send and receive instructions from the home office reliably, no matter the working conditions.

Tough from the inside out

TrimbleMCS handheld computers are not consumer products with a case around them. They’re built rugged from the inside out so that no matter what the conditions, they will continue to work and provide value for years.

Rated IP 67 and above, fully sealed against extreme weather, drops, dust and even accidental immersion, Trimble handhelds are at home no matter where your construction business takes you.

Update documents and spreadsheets, explain change orders or surprises, with no loss of time at the site.

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Heavy Construction needs the toughest equipment. The Yuma 2 is designed to always keep the Site in Sight.

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